How to edit or delete an EndPoint trigger? (Bug?)

I've defined a rule using an EndPoint trigger:

But when I want to change the trigger I only get an empty box:

So it's not possible to edit or delete an EndPoint trigger. :cry:

What's going on?

That has happened to me a few times. You can try exporting the rule and then see if you can import, but I have had limited success with that.

Go back to a backup where it worked and then export and then reload your current system and then try to import.'s not a very big rule just delete it and re-do from scratch.

Thanx a lot for your answer!

You're right, it's not a big rule. But when I redo the rule I have to submit the new End Point URL to my device (Shelly Door/Window) - which is very difficult to get in admin mode... :thinking:

So you can confirm, that this behaviour is a bug?
Is it already in Hubitat's bug tracker? (BTW: Where can I find something like this?)

I know there is one condition that was considered a bug. I had a rule that had a wait condition and had some conversations with @bravenel. It caused the same type of behavior. You could no longer edit the trigger.

Whether this falls in the same category I don't know. Perhaps if you listed the error you get in the logs when you try to edit, someone can give you a better answer.

As far as this rule though, bug or not, if you can't fix it via import/export or from a backup your only option is probably going to be to re-do it.

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Thanks again for your advice, @terminal3!

@bravenel: Everytime I click on the triggers box the following Error appears:
java.lang.ClassCastException: null (selectTriggers)

Technical term is, you have a ganked rule. Remove it and make a new one.

This is a pity... :cry:

But how can I avoid such problems in the future? :thinking:

BTW: It would be very useful when we could export a rule in a reader-friendly format, so we could do some "emergency edits" via e.g. Notepad++, and than import the rule again.

Avoid ever using the back button in your browser when creating or editing a rule.

You can export a rule to a JSON file, but we strongly recommend against any attempt to edit it.

  1. I never use the back button in WebApps. :point_left:

  2. I don't want to edit JSON files, therefore the hope for a much more reader-friendly format. :wink:

Hope springs eternal. This is not likely...