How to edit a Rule - because I can't [SOLVED]

Currently running version:

How do you edit an Action?

I can Insert an Action but no editing for me :frowning:

Click on the Manage or create conditions and you can edit those actions in there. Is that what you want?

@terminal3 The conditions are fine it is the ACTIONS I am trying to access :slight_smile:

There used to be a step after the Select Actions to Run which gave you options like...

Which is missing from the one above


I was not knowingly in the middle of an operation - so even when I closed the browser and selected to edit it returned to the mid edit point.

Exited it by adding a new action - delay 1 second and was then able to delete the Wait action.

Is that a Feature or a Bug? a very thin line separates this one.

It’s the way it is. Most of us have been bitten by this, and just accept it. Had I written the code, I would have put a Cancel button at every step. Candidly, UI design and implementation is one of Hubitat’s weak points.


:slight_smile: part of its 'charm'

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