How to edit a conditional rule

Hello, I am trying to figure out how to edit a condition rule. (I know how to edit most other stuff).

Here is a step by step of what I do:

  1. Click on "Select Actions to Run"

  2. Click "Edit Action" and select the "If"

  3. Click "Edit expression"

This is where I am getting lost.

I can insert before or delete but I cannot edit the current time.
What I am doing, is erase and add back, but often it leads to some empty condition: ( AND newConditionHere)

Is there something I should know?

It's actually easier than that. What you want to do is click on Actions to Run then on Edit Conditions. to change the time for that condition.


Thanks Ryan. My eye were clicking "Edit Action" while I had to click "Manage or Create Condition"!