How to diagnose an app error?

I use the Sonoff RF Bridge to open a RF controlled patio cover and that functions as expected. I have a rule in the rule machine (app 84 in this case) that will trigger at 9:00am and if the weather device indicates chance of rain is < 20% and the current temperature is > 40 degF, I will open the cover.

This has been functioning as expected for a few weeks, but as it is a nice sunny day i noticed that the cover did not open and found this error message in the app and the logs, but it does not have any useful info for me to figure out where to look next. I also just did the latest firmware update a day or 2 ago, so i am not sure if it is related to that.

Any ideas on the best place to look next (other than just re-creating the app, as i don't want this to happen again)

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