How to determine if a sensor is still alive?

How to determine if a sensor/or switch/ or outlet is still connected?
Zigbee or Zwave does it make a difference?

For example, I have many leak sensors that I've set up (Zigbee and Zwave). Besides a physical test every 30-90 days, how can I determine if these sensors are "still active"?

See the answer I provided in the other thread where you posted the same question: Developement Thread - app for resetting bulbs (Device suggestions welcome)

To summarize, I'd recommend an app like Device Watchdog and configure it to monitor last activity from your sensors. You'd have to have an idea of how often they tend to report in and how long you want to wait before you get notified that they aren't doing so. Protocol does not matter (whew, there, new information that wasn't in the other post :laughing:).

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I got the same answer you got. Which, by the way, is really lame. Hubitat used to have a very simple last communication column on the device page. Hubitat said people were misinterpreting it and it wasn't accurate, so they trashed it, instead of fixing it, so now we don't have a quick accurate way of telling without running some app. That in my opinion is going to hamper this device's appeal to all but the most nerdy.

You don't need a third-party app: the "Last Activity" column on the device page shows...well, that. This is the detail that Device Watchdog uses (or one of them that it can use, another being battery level), and I'd assume it's what similar apps use. You can sort the list by that column and make guesses yourself. They did remove the "ACTIVE/INACTIVE" column, which I think just blindly changed that value after a certain amount of time regardless of how often the device usually actually communicated--so it was, indeed, misleading and widely misinterpreted. :slight_smile:

The value of using an app her to me is that I don't have to go into the list myself, and I can create something that checks specified devices after my desired amount of time, based on my observations of how long I can trust them to go without activity before I'd suspect something's wrong. A lot easier than going through each device in my list, even sorted, and seeing if I think it's been too long--and definitely better than the "active/inactive" indicator since you can customize the reporting to the device.

"Last Activity" is still there, both on Devices page (the one that lists all devices, which I was talking about above) as well as each device page under "Device Details." If this is the particular part you're missing, I'm not sure why.