How to delete forum account?

I accidentally created 2 accounts here on the community. How do I delete one?

Thanks, Mark.

@bobbyD may be able to help you there.


If you'd like the email account removed from our servers, please visit the following page, otherwise, if you just want to remove the extra community account but keep the Hubitat account associated with your email, then send me a private message and I'll delete it for you.

What does this mean, if I may ask? I am wanting to maximize privacy and security. I haven't been able to find any 2FA with Hubitat so is this something I can request? I have local and VPN capabilities so your servers wouldn't be required unless for functionality.

No, we do not currently have 2FA for Hubitat account. Community uses a Hubitat account created on The same account can be used to register a hub. Removing the community account only, doesn't remove the Hubitat account, so you can continue to log into That is an additional step that needs to be performed on our end.


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