How to Dashboard a Non-Actuating Virtual Switch

Okay, I can't be the first person who has faced this situation. I want to put a virtual switch on a dashboard. But the switch in question is purely used to indicate status, and not be used as an actuator. Example: a virtual switch showing whether mains power in the house is up and running. It'd be great to plop a switch-type of tile on the dashboard to indicate on or off, but only in a way that flipping the switch to on or off doesn't do anything.

Unless of course someone has figured out how to actuate your local utility, in which case this thread can go way off course.

Would an attribute tile be sufficient for your use case? To show the value of the switch attribute, but not be able to change it?


using the Attribute template is what you need


it shows the status without allowing control of the device


If you still want the aesthetic of a switch template you can add a tile over the top of a switch tile to stop control of the switch, but an attribute is likely your best bet...

yeah this absolutely works, however I....

which thankfully I now understand how to do as well.

Thanks both!

Edit: gosh darnit, you can't have two solutions to a problem in discourse. Bull%$^#@.

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Not to worry, as long as you got what you needed...

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