How to Create Virtual "Reset" Button

Hi All. I have two Minoston Mini Power Meter Plug's (MP21ZP). The only way i can get the Current States to update is if i go into the device and click the "Reset" button. Hitting refresh doesn't update the Current States.

Before hitting the reset button:

After hitting the reset button:



Have you tried the "Configure" command (once) to see if that helps with the issue going forward?

"Reset" is intended to reset the cumulative stats and the high/low (H and L) values. There is a way you could automate that with a rule, but if this isn't what hoire actually trying to do, what you see is just a side effect and I'd see if there's a "real" way first (and "Refresh" would be a better option if not).

What driver/type are you using?

Minoston has some custom drivers posted on their web site of the system drivers are not working.

This is the driver i'm using: Minoston Smart Plug Meter v1.0.0(HUBITAT)

If i hit the "Configure" button nothing changes. Am i missing something?

I didn't necessarily mean change right then; the intent was to see if this helps it generate events for actual changes going forward.

You will typically not see any changes in the I interface when you run this command.

Thanks. What changes should I see?


That is a smart things driver, that cannot even be loaded into HE without modifications.

According to the compatibility list there is a system driver for that device, I would try switching to this and then run the configure to see if that helps.

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Thanks. The driver adds the energy cost and duration which i like but if it's reporting not accurate, it's no good to me.

Is there another driver I could use that has these features?

First I would try the system driver to see if that at least works correctly, then you will know if it is a device problem or a driver problem.

I suspect the custom driver you are already using is the one Minoston has posted on their site since the one you linked to above is made for Smart Things and would not be possible to install on Hubitat without modifications: Firmware/Drive | Minoston |

You could also try my ZEN04 / Universal Power metering driver: [DRIVER] Zooz Smart Plugs Advanced (ZEN04 / ZEN05 / ZEN14 / ZEN15)

It was made for Zooz plugs but I have coded in it a way it could be used for any Zwave plug that follows the specs. It does not do the energy cost calculations but there is another app which can do that or it is very easy to o by hand using the energy and duration info.

Thanks! What’s the app that can do the duration and cost?

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at the zooz driver and this app. So far, using the minoston driver I’m seeing the Ameritech change frequently which I wasn’t seeing with the other driver.