How To Create Random ON/OFF Centered Around A Specific Time

I am trying to set random times for lights centered around a set time. For instance I want to turn on a light at +/- 10 minutes around a time of 7:30 PM. So they could come on at any time like 7:24 PM or 7:35 PM. How do you do this in HE? thanks

I don't think you can do plus or minus. But what you're really saying is you want the light to come on any time between 7:20PM and 7:40PM right?

In Rule Machine, using a "Certain Time" trigger, you can set a time of 7:20 PM with a random delay of 20 minutes. When selecting random delay, the 20 minutes acts as a cap, so you'll get a delay of anywhere from 0-20 minutes. This should do what you are asking...



Great, thanks. I was trying to use a rule and forgot about the trigger.

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