How to Create "If Door Opens for More Than x minutes....Then"?


Trying to create rule that i"If Door Opens for More Than x minutes....Then do this..."

I can't find "more than" condition. Can anyone give me a pointer?

There are multiple ways you can do this, but if you just want to "trigger" the rule (run the actions) when the door stays open for 20 minutes, you can use a so-called "sticky trigger." Create a trigger for the contact sensor opening, then use the "And stays?" option and specify 20 minutes. Now, trigger won't cause your actions to run unless the door stays open for 20 minutes (not right away like it would do without this option).

There are also things you can do in the actions. You may need to if your rule has other triggers. If this doesn't help, sharing more about your automation, maybe a screenshot of your existing rule (if there is one) or a plain English description of what you want to do, would be good.

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Click the "...and Stays" slider and provide the length of time you want the trigger to remain TRUE in order for your Rule to fire, as shown below:


Oh....totally missed it. Thanks!


Thank! Didn't see it!

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