How to create a Rule Machine v4.1 in HE 2.2.9 - Automated Central Heating Offline until fixed


One of my 4.1 Rules has corrupted while editing it.

I need to create a new one to replace it as the old has become uneditable.

When I click on Rule Machine Legacy select Create new Rule it creates a 5.1 Rule.

Unfortunately cannot use the Rule 5 engine until I have migrated all the Variables I use in RM 4x

Until I can recreate the v4 rule I have lost automated Central Heating control.

How do I create a Rule Machine Legacy Rule?

To move across to Rule 5 will require A LOT of major changes and re-writing and I would rather do all that in my time and not just because of some simple oversight/glitch

If you have a viable backup maybe restore that to get your rule back.
If you have any rules defined in RM Legacy, you could clone one of those and then edit the cloned rule by deleting everything inside it and redefining all your triggers and actions. You should be able to recreate a legacy rule that way.

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I managed to unstick the main Boiler Controller Rule - it got stuck in a conditional statement and the only way out was to complete with total rubbish then go through and delete it all

I was trying to create a work around by pushing the Rule 4x variables to a Virtual device - but you are blocked from doing that as well.

So no migration path :frowning:

So got it working again - and now forced to rebuild the heating system from the ground up again in Rules 5, hopefully it will be awhile before RM5 is obsoleted and have to rebuild the entire heating system all over again, again.

I had no idea they would obsolete it so quick.

A couple of days work to rebuild it - DAMN I had other things planned this weekend.

OK provided the incentive to move to Node Red and abstract all logic out of Hubitat altogether.

Installing Docker now...

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Use the clone tool to duplicate a rule in RM4 and then just delete all the triggers, actions, conditions, etc.

Awesome idea thanks!!

Getting node red setup so I can not get caught out again by the Rule Machine changes in the future

I've recently moved all my automation logic and dashboards over to Home Assistant, and have left Hubitat only as the zigbee/zwave radio device. It took a while to get the hang of it, but HA has been much faster and more reliable as well. Happy with my choice so far. Good luck with node-red!

I had Smart things and then SmartThings plus HA and now Hubitat. As much as I am enticed by adding HA or Node-Red, I love techy stuff, lately I've become concerned what happens if I get hit by a bus. I am thinking long term, should system whatever it is be operable by spouse? I can't see how any of these systems could run without the people creating it.

But I sure love automation :slight_smile:

A very valid point.

I keep 99% of the lighting in Hue Hubs, so they are pretty locked down and autonomous.

The heating/hot water would be a problem, I need to give that some thought…..

Electricity monitoring is not essential and won’t be an issue if it went away.

Smart stuff, goodnight routines, auto power off of chargers I need to think about too.

Given me plenty to consider…

I'm thinking if I should just continue and enjoy it or step it back a notch. I have time as no one could locate anything anyways:)

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