How to create a 2nd HSM for an Out Building


I just got my C8 setup and running on my current house. (Amazing Job from the Hubitat Team, everything migrated seamlessly from what I see so far)

So now I have my C7 that I was going to put out in my Shop which has Wi-Fi from a building to Building bridge so its on my same network structure. My goal is to be able to arm the shop separately from the house. Say I want to leave all the windows open in the summer but still want it to arm. It looks like to me that you can only have 1 instance of HSM running on a hub and I cannot figure out how to do this but though maybe my C7 would be useful here. Any feedback/advice would be appreciated or even point me in the right direction. I looked through the forum but I guess my search string might have been lacking. :slight_smile:

Appreciate any/all help!


So is the ask how to activate HSM on the C7, how to keep the HSM on the C7 and the C8 in sync, how to make the C7 HSM notify the C8 HSM on an intrusion or ???

Yes I just want to be able to arm the Shop and House independently but if either is triggered the normal HSM rules I have are followed. I do not mind creating the rules on the C7 I just didn't know if this was the best path forward. Or I could set something up to arm the house and ignore all the sensors in the Shop for example.

Easy peasy then. What I would do is something like:

  1. Setup the C7
  2. Move the sensors in the shop over to the C7
  3. Add HSM to the C7 using the shop sensors
  4. Add Hub Mesh to both Hubs
  5. a) Share the sensors in the Shop back to the C8
    b) Create a virtual sensor on the C7 and share it back to the C8, with a rule on the C7 that activates the virtual sensor if the C7 HSM detects an intrusion
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Awesome thank you @thebearmay

Should I factory reset the c7 using the physical reset button on the Hub to clean out all the stuff that is now on the c8?

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That button only does a network reset. To clean the C7, I'd do soft reset on C7 without restoring, reset the zigbee and zwave radios, and then change the channel on the zigbee radio.