How to count the number of times the washer is used each week?

Hello all I want to know how to do or set up I guess I should say a very simple thing at least I would think it's simple. OK here goes I have a Habitat elevation Smart hub. And I have my washing machine plugged in to A Zooz Wave Plus power Switch Zen15. The washing machine is on its own breaker breaker and I can see it in the energy usage when I go into the habitat. Trying to keep this short and simple what I wanna do is simply no how many times my washing machine is used. I would just like a log of when it turned on and when it turned off. Have people that live with me and I feel as though They are taking advantage of my hospitality let's say. What do I do to make it so I can look back at how many times the washer was used in a one week. Or 2 week Time frame. Right now it's kind of a pain in the โ– โ– โ–  I have to wade through A ton of notifications for the machine running one time Any help would be appreciated thank you. I am computer literate although the way I just explained that probably probably says different. Thank you for any help I appreciate it. Timmy

I am a hacker and would look at doing something like this:

Or this:

Hello -

I changed the title of your post to reflect that you want to count the number of times your washer is used each week, using the Zooz Zen15 that your washer is plugged into.

Here is one way to do this using Rule Machine and two rules.

Rule 1:

In the first rule, a variable is incremented each time the washer is used. You'll have to setup the power used to match what is appropriate for your washer.

Rule 2:

In the second rule, once a week (at 2AM on Sunday), a notification is sent indicating the number of times the washer was used in the previous week. After which the variable is reset to 0.

Also wanted to add, variables can be displayed in a Dashboard tile, so you can check your Dashboard for the number of washer runs during the week at any time you want. Someone more talented than me with Dashboards can make a better looking tile, even a basic tile works.

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 7.43.20 PM