How to Convert Aladdin Garage Door to Local?

I've converted a MyQ to local using the Garaget Security+ 2.0 Wireless 3-Door Dry Contact Adapter and a Zen 17 relay. Is there anything like that available for an Aladdin Genie garage door opener?

it’s even easier than that. you can use a. Zen17 and a tilt sensor. Zooz has a garage door driver on their webpage. I eventually took mine out. For some reason it kept tripping the circuit breaker, and generally wasn’t too reliable for me. @hydro311 was pretty good about talking me through it.

Ok cool thanks. How do I go about testing whether I need the Security 2.0 dry contact? And if I do need it, do you have a link to it?

Short the input/control terminals at the GDO (paperclip, needlenose pliers, whatever will do the job) - if the door opens, no security adapter needed.