How to control which devices appear on the Mobile App (ios) LIghts/Switches tab?

Is there a way to remove the devices that appear on the Lights/Switches tab of the Mobile App (ios)?

I have my hub power connected to a smart plug (so I can reset after power outage) but do not want anyone to manually turn it off accidentally or purposely through the Mobile App.

No, at least not without changing the driver (which you'd probably need to write) to one that doesn't support the capabilities this tab looks for.

If you only want users to have access to a specific subset of devices, foregoing the app and providing a link to a Hubitat Dashboard with just the desired devices would probably be best, or similar options (e.g., third-party Dashboards) or other integrations (Apple Home, Alexa, Google Home, etc.) with only the desired devices.

That being said ... how are you turning the hub back on from itself after a power outage with the smart plug connected to the same hub? Many people use a plug that works outside Hubitat for this (e.g., Kasa, Wemo, etc.), or something from a second hub. Having it outside the hub is pretty much a necessity to be able to turn it back on, and then there's often not a need to have it on the hub in question in the first place even if it is supported (e..g, Kasa). Another way to solve that problem. :slight_smile:

I am using a Kasa EP10 Wifi plug and my router is a TP-Link product so the EP10 can be seen/controlled from the TP-Link app.

You're right...I should just remove the Kasa device from Hubitat. I added it to "play" with the Kasa integration.


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