How to connect wired temperature sensor

I am new to Hubitat and switched from Smartthings because ST does not currently allow to create rules with variables. I will need to set up a rule. While (temperature_in_attic > temperature_outside_from_internet + 5) then FAN is ON

My question is, what is the best way to set up a hardwired temperature sensor in the attic? I am using aquara with Smartthings hub, and it keeps going offline. It's hard for me to go up the attic, I need to clear out my entire closet to do it. So I want a temperature probe to go through the ceiling, and connect that probe to a device. This device can be ZigBee or Zwave or Wifi, ideally can be powered by hardwiring.

I found this thread from last year (Permanent temperature probe remote sensor - #21 by ogiewon) but I don't want this to be a project that will require me to flash some custom firmware to some development boards, come up with 3d printed custom encloses etc. Maybe there is a Zwave/wifi relay/smart outlet that I can use? For example, could I connect this device to Hubitat?
DS18B20 Waterproof Digital Temperature Sensor Stainless Steel Thermal|Temperature Instruments| - AliExpress
Or this
Tuya Wifi Smart Life Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Brightness Detector With Fish Tank Water Temp Probe Support Alexa Google Home - Thermometer Hygrometer - AliExpress
Or this
WiFi Smart Temperature Humidity Switch Module Sensor Dual Relay Output Smart Life App Wireless Controller Work with Alexa Google|Smart Temperature Control System| - AliExpress

This might be another option... but probably not the least expensive...

The Ecowitt system integrates with HE and is very reliable.
You could use one of the remote temp sensor accessories or even the USB powered Hub's attached sensor has a three foot cord you could run into your attic.

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The EcoWitt option could also allow for outside weather readings to be gathered locally as well, if you purchase one of the EcoWitt weather stations. You don't need to do this straight away, you can purchase the gateway on it's own to give you the attic temperature like @Ranchitat described, then later on add a weather station.

Also, just in terms of the power. The EcoWitt Gateway is USB powered, so that may open up a few options for you.

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