How to connect Globe Electric WiFi devices to Hubitat

Hi, I have a bunch of Globe RGB Pot Lights and a couple wall plugs that I would love to get connected to Hubitat so I can add them to some rules.
Specifically I want to make my zwave light switch turn off the lights without cutting power to them as well as automate color changes which I believe can be done but only if the globe devices are connected to Hubitat…

Is there an easy way to connect them without running it though another hub?
I do currently have them voice controllable via Alexa but that connection seems to be a one-way relationship.

Is there open api or docs for the devices?

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One alternative, though it's most definitely not ideal, is to use Echo Speaks to send voice commands to Alexa. The problem with it is it's heavily cloud dependent with multiple points of failure and the potential for lag, but it might work.

There may be, I know SmartThings connects to Globe Electric devices.

Then it might be possible. Someone would have to track down the API info and code a Hubitat driver/app to connect to the bulbs.

That's the issue with WiFi connected IoT devices, as opposed to Z-wave or Zigbee.

There is essentially no standardization of WiFi devices, each manufacturer has its own API, and it's not always even available to end users.

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Additionally, the Z-wave switch would have to support a "smart bulb mode" in which presses/toggles of the physical rocker/switch don't physically open/close the relay connected to the lighting load. Some switches do, but not all.

I think these can be flashed with Tasmota. If you can do that, you can bring them into Hubitat using @garyjmilne's Tasmota integration.

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