How To Connect Devices to Amazon and Google Voice Assistants [YOUTUBE]

Two New YouTube videos have been released:

How To Connect Devices to Amazon Alexa Services using the Hubitat Skill

NOTE: To prevent your Amazon Alexa device from going crazy during this tutorial, all references to "Alexa" have been replaced with animal sounds - viewer discretion is advised :slight_smile:

How to connect Google Assistant to Hubitat Elevation




I am enjoying waking up my google home by saying "Hey Boo Boo!".

Doesn't GH now support open/close? Additionally they support Garage Door openers now, but anytime I try to add my GDO, HE boots it out.

Wow, that’s really hard to listen to. I really would have preferred to just have someone tell me to mute my device before watching the video.

Plus, Pete is speaking so quickly that it’s very unlikely that it would have activated Alexa. You do need a brief pause after saying Alexa before it will activate. Jason and Seth in the podcast finally stopped muting the word Alexa and only when they pause do you ever get any activation. I listen to their podcast on my echo all the time and very rarely activates when they say Alexa. Only when there is a long enough pause. That whole thing has been way overblown by the media.

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Agreed. It's not cute or funny. It's annoying and less than professional. @bobbyD Is this really the perception you want new or potential users to have of Hubitat?

I thought it was kinda funny. :man_shrugging:

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Me too, it's light hearted and fun. All the things home automation should be :crazy_face:

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I did not say it wasn’t humorous, just distracts from the content is my take.

Well now I have to watch it


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@SmartHomePrimer I was agreeing with the quoted comment. The other comments are my own opinion.


Way too fast. Way, way too fast.

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