How to connect a device Status to a hub variable (to use on a dashboard)?

I need to connect a device "Current States" to a Hub Variable.

I recall reading a BRavenel post suggesting connectors are no longer needed to connectors (unless I miss read). If this is the case, how would one connect a Device state to a Hub variable?


Device Page:

Hub Variables

Is your only goal to use this in a Dashboard, as the title of your topic suggests? If so, you don't need a variable at all, much less a connector. Just use the "Attribute" tile template on Dashboard for the device.

If you do need a variable for some other reason, you can set its value via a number of means. However, using Rule Machine to set it to a device attribute is probably easiest (this is an option under Set Variable). You can then use the variable directly on Dashboard by using a tile of type Variable rather than Device. (This is why you'd no longer need a connector if you have a variable.)

Thank you :slight_smile:

I think I got tied up in the Hub Variable thing and forgot this approach.

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