How to change voice in Fully Kiosk Browser?

I have a wall-mounted Samsung tablet that I use for dashboards as well as an integrated alarm system (HSM plus a ton of rule machine modifications). Right now it speaks via Fully Kiosk browsers TTS (I have the Fully Kiosk Browser Controller driver installed and it is fantastic). The driver has an option to set a voice, but no voice name that I type works (it does not speak if any voice name is added. I do not have any list of supported voice names to go by).

I tried changing the default TTS voice in android but it seems that Fully over-rides that with its own voice setting. I also tried looking through all of the Fully Kiosk browser settings but I do not see any TTS option. I know that I could change the default voice to use hubitats voice in the driver settings, but that option is out as it changes the way it responds to my commands and I would have to rewrite them all (it requires volume to be set by default each time).

Does anyone know how to change / load a new TTS voice into fully kiosk browser?

I know this is hard to believe but it's in hub settings.

Oh it looks like you may have already tried that. Sorry