How to call a rule only for weekend or for specific week days?

Hello I need to call different rules for weekends and for weekdays? Any one can help with ay advice please? I can not use scheduled trigger, due to the fact I have different triggers to run the actions. Thx!

As the first action in your rule, you could add the conditions for when you don't want the rule to run, and exit the rule if they are true. Example

IF (NOT Day in Saturday, Sunday) Exit Rule

This would cause the rule to exit on weekdays and run the remainder of the actions on weekends.

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Exactly. Here's a slightly broader example.

Very well, thank you!
Is useful it work, but I want to check also some options to call the rules by a schedule, using the weekdays, So I will not run all the conditions.

Periodic trigger can do it with a cron string.

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