How to Best Configure Modes?

I've had mine for a few weeks for and it's been a whole lot of fun so far. I am having one or two issues that I don't seem to be able to find an answer for. I set up lighting rules using motion sensors for three rooms. Each room has different lighting for each mode that is time based. (I did this mostly because right now we are both home and some observable daily change is nice.) I used all hue bulbs with a Hue hub that is simply linked to the hubitat. The motion detectors are smartthings. That part seems to be working more or less ok. I have noticed that unless the lights go off then the lights will not change to the new mode setting though.

What is frustrating me is my nighttime mode. We have day (dawn till dusk), evening (dusk till 10PM, late night (1:30 till dawn). I also have a button controlled mode that I called sleepy time. It arms HSM and shuts down the lights... or at least it is supposed to. Instead the mode seems unstable. It will generally shut off all of the lights but once in a while I'll be woken up by a cat tripping the bedroom sensor which is then causing my lights to turn on this whitish-green light shade. I don't know where this greenish light is coming from, I've paused or removed all other lighting rules trying to figure this out.
Sleepy Time is also supposed to end at dawn. How exactly do I set this up? If I don't set it up to ignore time shifts then on the nights we actually get to sleep early it's ending itself at 1:30.
Totally unrelated. Is it possible to edit the default white light settings? They all look odd to me.