How to ask Alexa to report temperature of a sensor?

Folks, I am a bit stumbled. I have added YoLink sensors to the dashboard, and they report fine (they are devices). I added these "devices" to Alexa app in Hubitat. Just trying to figure out how to ask...."Alexa, what is the temperature of xxxxx?" When I ask Alexa for temperature, it goes to some geographic location. I did see a post where a member created a group. Did not seem to help or I did something wrong.

Ideas?? Running the latest version on Hubitat C5.

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I assign temp sensors to a group within the alexa app, based on the room they're in. For instance, I have a Sensative multisensor called "porch multisensor." I make the porch multisensor device available to the Alexa app and then I add it to a room called "porch." if I say "alexa, what's the temperature on the porch?" it will answer. If I say "alexa, what's the temperature of the porch multisensor" that works too. Here's what it looks like from the Alexa app.

You might want to validate that Alexa has the device type correctly identified.

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I tried all of that and did not report. I assume the syntax is "Alexa, what is the temperature of the xxxxx (group name) xxxxxx (sensor name)."???

Just “Alexa what is the temperature in ” is all I’ve ever needed.

Can you post a snapshot of the sensor details as they appear in the Alexa app? Basically the same screen I posted of the multi sensor.

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Oh, hold you assign one temp sensor to one group?

You can assign more than one sensor to a group. I think if you do it just takes the average.

I have a virtual temperature sensor called Backyard - that's a whole number rounding of a Zigbee sensor outside. It's shared with Alexa.

All I have to do is say "Alexa, what's the backyard temperature?" and she says "The backyard temperature is 52 degrees." Works just great.

Just make sure that the device in question is selected in the Amazon Echo Skill.


OK, I am a total dummy. The problem is my refrigerators have weird names. Alexa thinks that Traulsen is Charleston, SC. Any way, basic names like “Home Basement Fridge” report fine through Alexa. No group assignments are needed. Just make sure the name is audibly recognized :smiley:


Had the same issue yesterday when I tried to add "charcuterie" to a shopping list and Alexa assumed that I kept saying "chicory." Argh. She listens to my wife though.

I have a Sonoff temperature/humidity sensor Hubitat device label "sauna", Hubitat room "sauna" connected to Alexa. Make sure that the type is "temperature sensor" in the Alexa app.

"Alexa, what is the temperature of the sauna?"

"The sauna temperature is 120 degrees." - or whatever it is.

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