How to add wife's phone as a device?

I want to be able to use presence detection and send notifications to my wife's phone. I had her install the Hubitat app, but I'm not sure what to do next. Do I log in with my account? Create her an account? How does it get associated with the hub?

go to as you, click on My hubs then click your hub you can then add her email.

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Okay, I see the option to add a user. It looks like you can only add a user that already exists though. I assume she can create an account through the app?

She can create an account by registering at as indicated by @cfunk30.

I don't know if she can register via the mobile app alone.

Sorry, forgot that step, have her go to the same and register for an account, then you can add it.

She was able to register through the app and I got her added. I'm not at home now, so I can't check, but will this make her phone show up as a device in my device list?

She will still need the app installed and sign in as her, then you should see wifesphone as a mobile app device in your device list. Make sure to search the forums on presence tips if you are planning on using it as such. Allowing app to access location all the time, stop phone from shutting it down to gain battery life, etc.
If you are going to use presence I would suggest the excellent Presence Governor app, life360 app and iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor. I had trouble with my wife's iphone just using the hubitat app but once I added the above it has been darn near perfect. Sorry I don't have the links for the above apps, I got them all from @aaiyar responses to other posts.


If you use Life360 make sure you go to Life360 : Opt Out

They'll sell your driving data via an intermediary to your insurance company.


Wow, I had no idea, thanks @rjterry21 !

Great tip. Thanks!

My wife signed up for an account on her iphone and I added her email as a guest user on the hub. She is receiving Hub notifications but is not listed as a device and my iphone is the only phone currently allowed to be picked to receive notifications. BTW, both of our iPhones are receiving the notifications. I'm thinking I screwed things up in the app when I first logged on as her but selected my iPhone name from the list rather than adding her phone. In order to correct that, I renamed her phone on the app but her phone is still not shown as a device. How do I fix this? Thanks.

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It is best to start a new thread rather than posting an issue to an old one. Lots of people may not see your post. When this happened to me I had to completely remove the app from her phone. Deleted her as a user, reboot the hub and her phone and start all over. I may not have had to do all that, but it worked. If it does not work for you I'd suggest starting your own thread and people will help you fix it.

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Thanks for the tips.

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Can anyone point me to a step by step process to add another person as an iphone presence? This would mean:

  1. Do this
  2. Then this
  3. then this
  4. then this
  5. Boom! You're done.

I mean really.

Wow...that is crazy and I would hope in volation of privacy laws to make selling driving data an opt-out, rather than an opt-in setting.

Other than possibly in California, it's not likely to be a privacy violation in the US.

All they have to do is bury a statement like "We reserve the right to share certain information we collect in the processing of your data with third parties for the needs of our business model." in the middle of 200 pages of legalese. As viewed in a 20 character by 5 line window with copy and paste blocked.

And, they're fine. They disclosed it. You were a willing participant.

in their case, if you start reading the Privacy Policy, they are a bit more straightforward:

We may also share location information with our partners, such as Cuebiq and its Partners, for tailored advertising, attribution, analytics, research and other purposes, as described in Section 2 “Sharing of Your Information” below.

Part 2 goes into it more--in particular, read the second bullet:

  • We may share your personal information, including your precise location data, driving sensor data, unique identifiers or AD IDs and other data with our partners, such as Cuebiq and its Partners, for their marketing and business purposes, including without limitation, to inform and improve tailored advertising, attribution, analytics or research purposes. These third party partners may use this information according to their own privacy policies. Please see “Your Choices About Your Information” to learn how you may be able to limit some third-party data sharing.
  • We share your personal information, driving event data and other information with Arity 875, LLC (“Arity”), which provides driving analytics behavior services to enable us to provide certain functionalities of the Service, such as driving event history and crash detection. Arity may also use this information to provide personalized content including targeted advertising, calculate discounts, rewards or pricing offers by third parties such as insurance companies, and to perform various profiling activities in order to produce a score which may predict the level of driver riskiness, and to develop its risk predictive models for its own analytics, research or commercial purposes. You may be able to opt-out of some of all of this data sharing activity through your app settings, however if you opt-out, certain features such as crash detection and driving history may be less accurate. To learn more about how Arity’s use of personal information, please review the Arity privacy policy, which is located at

Are these the current hubitat t&c??

No. See Terms Of Service

This thread is old, but since it’s been resurrected and there appears to be some confusion. The answer to this question is: no.

The discussion in this thread re: terms of use, privacy policy and selling personal data is referring to Life360.

Hubitat doesn’t sell personal data, and takes pains not to collect it in the first place unless it’s required for a basic function of the hub.