How to add Novostella WiFi devices

I have 2 Novostella WiFi flood lights on the same network as my Elevation hub and I cannot figure out how to add a them to the hub. I looking for step by step instructions on how to add my lights.


It appears that there may be a community driver for some of these. The following threads mention this brand, so you may want to read this. Other than that, I know nothing about these.

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Thanks for the solutions above but, still no luck.

Wifi devices are a crapshoot. Unless they have an open API and someone has actually written a driver for them, you're kinda SOL.

From their website it looks like there is an Alexa skill that will control them, as long as you also purchase their hub. You could use Echo Speaks to activate an Echo skill that then turns on the lights. Not elegant, not likely to be all that reliable, but it might work. And there most definitely will NOT be step-by-step instructions :slight_smile:


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