How to add a device Nest Cam

I had Nest cameras working with HE for years until
this past late September when Google changed up "works with Nest".

I have 3 Nest cameras that worked fine with HE before the change over.

I now have all 3 cameras working with Google Home as well as Alexa.

However, I can't figure out how I originally got them working in HE years ago.

I go to HE now & choose "Add devices" but Nest cameras are not listed in the choices of DEVICES to

How do I add them to HE?

Thank you!

You should be able to add them via [RELEASE] Google SDM API - Nest integration.

Thank you for the reply. I know I did not do this a few years ago, that is using the Github link as I don't really understand Github that well. I originally just had the cameras on my Dash Board which I what I really just want to do now...that is just have the cams on my Dash Board.
I will just throw in the towel on this and not have the cams on my dash board as I don't understand Github.