How stop flashing lights

What's the best way to stop a light from flashing once it's started?

I have a rule that flashes out outside lights if the smoke alarm goes off but I can't figure out how to stop them. It seems that mashing on, off and configure in the device page ultimately does it but it seems like the hub gets quite bogged down trying to flash my leviton z-wave switches that I can't figure out what is actually stopping them. Thanks!

set up a switch that acknowledges the alarm and will cancel the flashing light. ON the main HSM page at the bottom there's an option to set up the disarming feature. [EDIT] I guess I should have asked if that's what you were using. HSM

Unfortunately HSM doesn't do everything that I want it to do when the smoke alarm goes off so I'm using rule machine.

Let me mess around with it and see if I can come up with a rule.

Cool thanks!!

This is what I'm thinking

trigger events
smoke changed
light switches or buttons changed (to acknowledge the alarm)

If smoke is detected then flash lights
else if
smoke is detected and Light switch is changed (or turned on or off), then turn light off.

or capture the state and then return to the captured state on light switch change. I use HSM for what I can and use RM rules for the rest. Perhaps the path of least resistance would be to set this trigger up in HSM?