How much events per hour are excessive?

I´m trying to figure out wich number of events per hour generated by a device using wifi integration should be considered excessive. Wich amount of this kind traffic would affect the hub performance?

I´m curious because i´m using the Sensibo integration, and just one air conditioner is generating 750 events per hour. I didn´t notice any hub performance degradation, but I don´t want to let it happen. Should I remove this device, or try to make some driver adjust?

What does your cpuLoad look like (http://yourHubIP/hub/advanced/freeOSMemoryLast)? HE has 4-cores so a load of 4.0 is fully loaded (although since processes waiting are included in the calculation you can exceed 4.0). My hubs rarely see anything above 0.5, and are normally in the 0.02-0.12 range, but I also don’t run a lot of HTTP interfaces

The good news is that HTTP traffic doesn’t overload your ZWave or Zigbee mesh, just need to keep an eye on cpu usage and free memory. Right now you’re getting an HTTP message every 12.5 seconds, might be a little excessive, but if the hub is handling without being taxed….


I'm curious about this too. Although my CPU usage is fairly low I have a few multi line display tiles which update every few minutes. This generates large numbers of app events over time and appears to progressively impact freeOSmem to the point where the hub needs a reboot, otherwise automations start to slow. One of my Maker API instances also generates a large number of events as it is connected to quite a lot of devices external to HE.

Thanks @thebearmay: to test your suggestion showed that althought the hub didn´t had its performance affected with just one of these devices running, if I try to connect other I would experience problems for sure! The CPU use increases a lot with two Sensibos connected. As I would use three, I will change to Broadlinks R3 Mini. I won´t have the same control level without the extensive use of RM, but I believe is a most secure option for now.

Thanks a lot!

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