How may I add ZSP-001 power monitoring plug?

Just got: ZSP-001 Power Monitoring Plug Configuration for Tasmota
I press the button for several sec but it isn't discovered as Wifi element.
How may I connect it?

You can't. It's not compatible (see: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation), and I don't see any community driver for it either.

That being said, if you have it integrated with Alexa or GA through some other means (presumably the manufacturer's own app--that's the only thing most of these cheap wifi plugs work with), you can use some workarounds to get them controllable via Hubitat. But that will be cloud dependent, a bit slower, and more work to set up than something that is natively supported.

(EDIT: but apparently this is one of those that can be flashed--see below. You'll still have better luck with Z-Wave or Zigbee, though, I think.)

First of all, wifi devices are not auto-discovered by Hubitat. Only apps have been built that will auto-discover wifi devices. So, you would have to add an app that supports auto-discovery of Tasmota devices. Also, with the firmware this device came with, you will not be able to control it from Hubitat. You would have to flash the Tasmota firmware to the device, specifically this version:

That thread will have all the info you need to get the device working.

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