How many RadioRA 2 auxiliary repeaters?

I am planning to install a Lutron RadioRA 2 system in a new home. My only prior experience with Lutron is from their Caseta line, which I installed myself.

The Lutron dealer that’s pricing out a RadioRA 2 system for me is suggesting four auxiliary repeaters in addition to the main repeater. There’s only 52 switches and keypads, the house is about 2500 sq ft with three floors at or above ground level plus a basement. The main repeater would likely be in the basement.

Does four auxiliary repeaters seem necessary?

Tagging some folks with RadioRA 2 experience. Thanks for any thoughts.


No, probably not. If the main repeater will be centrally located, then at most one just above it. They only need power, so placement is flexible. Also, you'd be smart to just put in the system first with no aux repeaters, and only add one if you have a problem. Lutron way under specs the range of their system, and it should work just fine unless there is something weird about RF propagation in your house. You would find out very quickly if it all works or not as you go through the activation phase of setting it up. If a device will activate, it is reachable by RF; if not, time for aux repeater.

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You might get away with one or two fewer, but they're a minimal extra expense in comparison to the rest of the system.

Each supposedly covers a 30' radius, but in my experience at my current house, that's a theoretical "open-air" maximum. - I've got an aux that's 35' from the main, and has occasional problems connecting when I do a new transfer.

In my new house design, I'm currently planning two mains and 4 auxiliaries, and I'm thinking I might go to 3 aux's on each side, depending.

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