How many modes can be active at one time?

I will be adding Shabbat and Away to the modes.

They are mutually exclusive but if Shabbat is active does that require Day or Evening to be inactive?

You can only have one mode active at any given time.

The away mode is kind of a special one that is active over the others so that when away becomes inactive (present), the normally active mode at that time becomes the active mode. So when in away, the other modes keep changing in the background ready to be active again.

The best way to understand modes is to visit the Modes page under Settings. You can create many modes but only one can be active at any time.

Not sure why I originally did it, but I've setup Away as a virtual switch rather than a mode so they work independently. Maybe that would work better with your Shabbat...

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This may be perceived that way when Modes Manager app is used. But all modes are equal and only one can be active at any given time.


Modes can be augmented with hub variables, this is how I do it:

But I do use a lot of rule machine rules to decode the changes in Mode and the Flags/variables.

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