How many Hubitat users are keeping up with updates?

I know I know it never really ends, but I finally have the entire house the way I want it. There's a motion or door sensor for every room so we no longer touch light switches. Time for the next hobby :slight_smile:


Sounds like it’s time for a bigger house :sunglasses:


It's funny, the more kids that move out the more I want more house. Been considering an addition. Why? Who the hell knows.


More rooms to automate.


More kids + more house means more of their mess. Less kids + more house means more room for your messes.


I have read COUNTLESS notes here in the forum that all sound like:
"Breaking Change - I upgraded to version X.X and now my Y doesn't work anymore!"
It appears from my reading of many of these notes (and even I have done one or two of them), that the original issue was:
-a poorly paired or non-functioning device
-something wrong with the zwave/zigbee mesh
-name your poison.
It could very well be that moving to a new upgrade first reveals the underlying issue.
It could also be that indeed, the new upgrade has a bug.

I strongly feel that every time I feel like writing "This new upgrade has bug!", I have to go back to the basics, and make sure that the issue wasn't really there before.

It's a tough slog sometimes, but I see no other alternative.


Try Pinball machines.... Woo boy has that turned out to be a rabbit hole for me...


Having just gone through this, let me offer some advice:


That's it, just "No." :wink:

We just completed an addition (also just as we are empty nesting), and even w/my brother as the GC running the project it was an endless PITA of what felt like a thousand decisions to make, and the labor and material costs were just insane. Turns out starting a remodel project in January when everyone else in the world was also remodeling at the same time was not a good thing. :man_facepalming:

The addition was only part of it, since part of the back and side yards were affected by all of the heavy equipment in/out, foundation digging, and general construction impacts, we ended up adding on a landscaping project after the addition.

Eight months later we were done (including a long-delayed repainting of the exterior of the house that we had been putting of until the remodel happened.

So, hence the "No." :wink:


Or Pachinko!! Had one in the garage when we lived in Hawaii. Tons o' fun. :slight_smile:

users accept their own risks when managing the devices. what if i have HE on a completely isolated network, with no internet access? it still works locally, but would be annoying to have some kind of back door to be able to ping me of things

When I was at college I dated a girl for a while. Went to her house to “study” and saw a pinball machine in the basement. Asked if I could play it, and she said it had not worked in years since it was moved from their other house. The mechanic in me had no idea how it worked, or how to fix it. Crawled under it and saw immediately a disconnected wire. Looked around and found a mating connector. Plugged it into the wall and it worked! Her dad came flying down the steps and thought I was great. Lucky, actually..

Oh, and to stay on topic, any time an update is available for anything, I update.


There’s no way to answer this question. Best you can do is the opinions of people that reply in this thread. Which isn’t a representative sample by any means.

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I am absolutely a representative sample of myself.


If there is an update I always search(!) in the forum for the actual change log. There I check if the update is important for me.

BTW: Dear @Hubitat_Staff, please add the forum link to the actual change log!
Now the system message contains only the first change (e.g. 2.3.0) - even if the actual version is already ...


I update the hub when I notice the message. But, I don't check my hubs daily. Sometimes I go weeks without checking them. Unless I am tinkering, no need to check.

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