How long.......for dashboard

We have solar, and with the hot weather and fires, the a/c has been running a lot recently. It reached 47 celsius (116.6 f) in the car today (something was wrong with the reading, I must check with Mike as to why :smile:).

I have solar integrated into hubitat (somewhat). What I'd like to do it show on the dashboard how long the solar has been exporting, or, when importing how long I've been importing power for.

So, when the solar export > 0, start a timer, and display on dashboard, and when import >0, start a timer and display on dashboard.

This will give me some idea as to how our power usage is going in comparison to the solar generation. I already have a rule setup that turns on a notification light at 10% when we generate, and turns green after 30 mins of export, and turns off when importing.....but I want to display on dashboard. Thanks in advance.

I figured it out, for anyone who wants something similar. The trigger is a change in the power level of the HEM.

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Ha! My outdoor hue was showing 43.9C (in the shade!).

Interested in how you integrated your solar into HE. Are there any specific controller interfaces?

Sure, about this time last year, a few of us Aussies jumped on a deal. The thread is here.

Currently, it only reports on one of two clamps. But it's easy to see whether it's exporting (usage = 0), or importing (usage >0).

I've got a full house, and I've used 6 kw since midnight (5 was before sunrise). The a/c is going flat chat. Wife is cooking stuff. Lots of devices.

This is now my power SuperTile (with some presence stuff in the middle).

0 = exporting and the (9) means I've been exporting for a continous 9 minutes).
Energy is total since midnight, with my rate of $0.289 per kwH.