How long before the Hubitat Authorization services come back online?

This seems to have broken Sharp Tools.

A few users are reporting issues that Sharptools is reporting ALL their HE hubs are off line.

Somewhat worse is that it appears more than a passing chance this outage has wiped all the SharpTools Hubitat Dashboards too :frowning:

I am trying to get a definitive answer, not got one yet, but it looks like about 10 hours of effort has just blown up.

I can only speak for myself, but it works for me. My dashboards are there and working. Logging in from Iceland.

Ok thanks for that.

A few people are reporting Sharptools showing HE Huns offline - first reports indicate that it is the Hubitat Cloud Relay that is down - would explain why IFTTT registration is failing too.

4 people reporting outages now

I don’t use sharptools with my Hubitat hub, but I have a Hubitat cloud dashboard that’s working fine.

As you noted, there seems to be some form of outage happening with the Hubitat Authorization services.

I'm still able to control my Hubitat devices from SharpTools, but I can't authorize devices in Google Assistant, SharpTools, IFTTT, etc at the moment.

All my Sharptool Dashboards on all displays lost ALL Hubitat devices so going around the house powering them down as they are on but have noting to display.

Unfortunately your issue seems to be impacted by the inability to reauthorize devices to restore them. My suspicion is that a device sync / authorization failed at an inopportune time with the Hubitat Authorization service going down, so in your case the dashboard doesn't have access to those devices anymore so it's showing placeholders... but once the Authorization services come back you should be able to reauthorize the devices and they will rehydrate.

All the other reports I have so far indicate that the primary issue is with authorizing devices. If the devices are already authorized and displayed, users are still able to control those devices. That's why I edited the topic title in the SharpTools community to clarify that this seems to be more of an Authorization services issue rather than a broader Hubitat Cloud Relay issue.

Edit: I updated this topic title accordingly as well so it's easier for other people to identify and relate their issue to.

Does it work now? I didn't see any issues or alerts but restarted cloud service behind OAuth just in case.


Seems to be working for me. Doing a few more tests now...

I just tried it again, and the device auth is working again for me now.


The author is working but all the Sharp tools dashboards are still empty.

As instructed by Sharptools all devices were removed from Sharptools, so trying find out which devices are used in the dashboards.

Thanks for the update in the other thread - sounds like you got the devices reauthorized and things working as expected again.

Yeh had to enable everything to sync to Sharptools to do it.

At some point will need to go back and remove most if it again.

Not knocking sharptools, it's a good product, but this seems another reason not to rely on cloud based services. JMO


Indeed - one of the major selling points of HE for me. In the interests of keeping a system running with little or no maintenance over a long period of time it is just not practical to incorporate these cloud services into the "core" part of a home automation system.

It has been tempting though because there are some very nice services out there.

Smartly 2.0 works decently as alternative to the native... And there is another i saw that can run locally (name escapes me at the moment) but part of it involves direct install on phone/tablet for the config...


I have been giving this some considerable thought.

I have an HE (Heating) managing most power sockets, heating, hot water etc the core essential stuff - runs locally, all Zwave. I have ~10 zwave temp sensors as primary zone managers.Diagnostic/control Dashboards exist on this hub

I have another HE (Master) runs local- doing Diagnostics on the heating/hot water and power sockets on the graphs, and also has a collection of zigbee Temp sensors working as secondary zone managers. This HE can shutdown and hard reboot the Heating HE in case zwave hoses up and any other error condition I find later. Diagnostic/control Dashboards exist on this hub.

I have a Hub Hub (Downstairs) local device - runs ALL downstairs lighting and Motion sensors, provides tertiary temp sensors for zone management for downstairs ad outdoors.

I have a Hue Hub (Upstairs) local device - runs upstairs lighting and Motion sensors, provides tertiary temp sensors for zone management for upstairs. This one can also Hard Reboot the HE Hubs. This hub is available over the internet.

Sharptools provided two other functions -

  1. The pretty displays for the Amazon Fire tablets running Fully Kiosks for Room/Zone displays - only very basic localised control functions

  2. An offsite Cloud Rule Engine to monitor the HE Hubs which can force a reboot of an HE Hub if specific conditions warrant it.

Now, not fully fleshed out the SharpTools role, but having another Offsite monitor is useful.

Upside get really pretty displays for rooms/zones, down side if I am editing/creating these while the Hubitat Cloud Relay is down I will experience and outage that is self rectifying once it is all back online.

I have taken a 1yr subscription to Sharptools and will see how it fares

This is the beginning of my HE journey - enjoying it so far :slight_smile:

One hell of a Covid Project!!!