How is your SAF?

How does your spouse handle/enjoy/loathe the obviously professional installation of all of the Iot stuff you've installed?

  • 5:> Loves it and they can't keep their hands of me. It's exausting!
  • 4:> Likes Most stuff, can see improvements (get's really annoyed when something doesn't work)
  • 3:> Neutral Doesn't really care
  • 2:> Somewhat annoyed. Thinks money and time could be spent better elsewhere
  • 1:> The next time you're not home, they will rip it out, then serve you dinner laced with arsenic. Quietly just before the funeral, they will put every last device inside the casket and your paul bearers will wonder how you gained so much weight at the end of your tortured life.

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I would say 4.5: Thinks it is not needed to automate things, but when a automation is down, she gets annoyed because she now has to preform a manual task :slight_smile:

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I would say there are actually 2 scores - the "public" score of 2.5-3 and a private/secret one of 4.


As a single man I'll rate myself up here.... I'll leave the rest of the comment for this rating alone for my circumstance... it may be misinterpreted as inappropriate....

But seriously. I'd be in the dog-house if I had to report to anyone with any standards of reliability and consistency... don't tell my boss :slight_smile:


Mine is a solid 4. She really likes what I have done so far but she gets annoyed when something doesn't work. Though once in a while she'll ask if I can automate something.

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I knew it wouldn't stay clean for long.... :wink:


I'm around, what did you expect? :joy:


Overall, that is about where our household lands. Probably 70% of the things that I automate start by thinking of her, so that probably helps. Routine automation is quickly taken for granted until we go to another house or a hotel. On occasion, I teach Alexa a new custom answer to get laughs from her.

My favorite part is when she awkwardly tries to explain what automatically happens to someone else. It usually involves both hands moving around, like she is imitating the mesh communications.

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Where is the response that she doesn't even know the home is automated? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


So there actually may be 3 scores..

  1. What is admitted to publicly.
  2. IRL use which is NOT discussed.
  3. Hidden automations.



Sadly, she doesn't love it as much as I do (I'm sure no husband has ever said that ever... Lol)

She likes it if everything is working perfectly. However, as soon as something doesn't work right, then she's quickly aggravated and just wants a regular bulb or whatever put back in.

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Only if it would be able to read minds and sense moods, then would be a 5 for sure.


She thinks it's insane.

But since everything works seamlessly, she loves the auto lights and smart central heating. Hooked into Life360 too, so having a nice warm home when returning from work is ace.

Kids love the morning & bedtime lighting too.

Underv smartthings (and whilst setting this lot up initially) - hated it.

My wife seems to appreciate it, though she doesn’t really care that much. I have mostly everything setup so that it can be bypassed with a switch, so if automation stops working for whatever reason, she just uses the switches.

Same for my kids, they don’t really seem to care one way or another, though when we go to someone else’s house, they never turn off any lights…


Mixed results. Many of my automations are designed to address certain behaviors, since modifying them has proven beyond the limits of our relationship.

We have two iPhones in the family. I am not allowed to use geofencing apps because that would be "tracking." So if my myriad of wifi-based presence detecting algorithms decides we are both gone, HE announces a 60 second countdown and, if not aborted via Alexa, arms the alarm system away and locks all the doors. That can be a bit awkward if someone turns off wifi while they're in the house. On the other hand if that same someone remembered to lock the doors and set the alarm when they left, this would be a non-issue.

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Combination of wifi and another datapoint to determine away? That way both would have to be negative in order to arm. Maybe @iharyadi 's presence sensor in the car(s)?


Excellent suggestion, but my significant other is NYC born and bred and does not drive. The four wifi sensors in combination with a decent timeout interval works pretty well 95% of the time, and extensive additions to our wifi network have reduced the number of times wifi is left off.

I was going to suggest a good driver for integrating with your car.... hmmm, thankfully that is not required... :slight_smile:

Some people like to be buried with their prized possessions.... Maybe Hubitat could offer an "elevate your eternal home" feature....


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