How is the dashboard button meant to work?

I thought the button device in dashboard would mimic the relevant physical button press, but it doesn't seem to do that. I set up a dashboard tile using the button profile that references button 8 on one of my Remotec ZRC-90s. But when I press it, it changes to greyed out, but no action happens. Should it, or am I misunderstanding what it is meant to do?

If the device driver supports push with a parameter of the button number, this is how it works. Some of the button drivers don't have push as a command in the admin UI, we have plans to add push() to built in button drivers.

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I agree, having some visual feedback that something has happened would be great. As is, when you click or press it, you are really unsure if it was successfully "pushed". Do you guys plan to add some visual feedback for buttons in Dashboards?

I will be curious of that answer too.

As dashboard development has (by my observation) more or less stopped since Patrick left the company, I'm not super optimistic that this will happen.

But who knows?

I would love to be told otherwise because Dashboards are something I am looking forward to using more and more in the future. With Apple and Google Home, you really get no control over who has access to what, so I plan on using dumbed down Dashboards for the kids so they can't mess anything up or access things I don't want them accessing. :slight_smile: