How is Hubitat planning to stay relevant long term?

For my own contribution..... It has been a few years I think since I setup a new hub when I re-setup my old C-7 I migrated to my new C-8. Was a slick process with many more helpful pointers along the way. It's not something you do every day and so don't always know about all the improvements in this space.


I'd like to see it in the news more. It's a fabulous product that it seems more mainstream publications ignore. (Not that it hasn't been in some but usually it's just a blurb)


Agreed. I just set one up for a client and it took me a moment because it had been so long since I set one up from scratch. I think I'm gonna start factory resetting my dev hub during each beta now so I'm a bit more up to date.


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That is a valid point of view, however my wife is not technical at all. I bought her a MacBook back in 2013 because I was sick of fixing windows issues that she couldn’t figure out herself. It was the best move ever!

She’s loves our automated home, and as we are in our 40’s now, I’m not too concerned that I won’t be around suddenly. I guess I’m more interested in the future roadmap.

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This statement astounds me.

Just kidding.

But really, how much time did you spend learning to drive that new car or adapting it to your roads? Or that washing machine?

HE is the glue that is holding everything together in this house, automation-wise. There would be a lot of friction in moving to another platform, a lot of time & learning required, no guarantee of equivalent result, thus the interest I (and others I assume) have in HE's future plans (and future, period).

The hub is inexpensive but in this house, like elsewhere I imagine, every new automation is welcomed with an "ah you're playing with the Hubitat again...", thus any money spent on automation is associated with that device, right or wrong. So I am most certainly the only one living here who thinks the hub is inexpensive.

This topic is about anxiety ! :rofl:

Happy holidays.


It’s true, everyone has different opinions on what the next shiny feature should be.

I’m not making any requests here, I was more curious to see if Hubitat had any intentions of investing in a visual automation system. The homey system is reminds me a lot of node red and on the surface looks powerful but easy to use.

I have zero intention of buying a homey (for starters, way too expensive IMO), but I do think some of their features are worth taking inspiration from.


It's a seasonal thing. . . the airing of differences.

Something for the rest of us. . .


You hit the nail on the head! :ok_hand:

I’m definitely not being critical of Hubitat. And to be honest, my title was intentionally a bit click baity as I was interested to see other community members thoughts.

I would like Hubitat to be around for a long time. I’ve seen other companies (eg Vera) go down the crapper at a rapid rate because they ignored their passionate customer base. I don’t think that’s likely to happen to Hubitat tho.

I don't know, I haven't tried it.

We are always looking at ways to improve Hubitat Elevation. We've had a lot going on recently getting Matter working, and aren't done with that. There are other things in the works as well, extending the compatibility reach. There are efforts underway wrt new user experience as well. No end in sight of things to improve, extend, etc.,,, chasing the more more, more...

As to anything about road map, long term strategy, etc. you must know by now that we just don't talk about that stuff publicly. I realize some people are going to ask about it, but as someone pointed out above, while I'm happy to be candid about most things, some things are just not up for discussion.


Admittedly, no. :man_facepalming:

I only brought up RM in my what if I croaked scenario because that is where 95% of my automations run from.

That was funny! :rofl:

Btw, @bravenel does Pete still work for Hubitat?

Yeah I can be very blunt at times, I usually try not to be, but sometimes my autism wins and I forget to be polite. :man_facepalming:

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I don't think it is worth switching hubs over it. I actually prefer Hubitat's method, for the most part. I do think there could/should be some tweaks, but it is relatively fine at this point.

I see this all the time on Reddit and elsewhere. "I want to control XYZ devices, and tie them all together but I won't even in the slightest consider a hub, don't even try to sell me on one". I think there is some weird misconception about what a hub does, and why you would want such a thing.


I think people are adverse to this, for a variety of reasons. I find that I never have enough time to sit and concentrate on stuff I want to anymore. This applies even to Hubitat sometimes. My job, fixing stuff around the house, and just life in general take a lot of my brainpower anymore. I get tiny bursts of time during my working hours, and I feel like (mentally) that just isn't enough to plow into something like Home Assistant, learning how to code Groovy, working on that Arduino kit I bought a year ago, and so on. As I get older, I just want to plug something in and it works rather than screwing around with stuff. I have about a 20 minute threshold where I need to be able to finish something, or it just sits not started or incomplete.

This is a great and I think overlooked point. You buy that Homey, and you want to upgrade in 2-3 years when Matter Pro (or whatever the next "thing" is) and you have to purchase another expensive hub. Isn't buying 3 Hubitat with the latest in technology in that same timeframe, a better use of my money?

I think you are reading something into that statement that isn't there. No offense to Bruce, but he is very matter-of-fact about what he says (writes) and people misinterpret that as rudeness. That probably is the engineer in him. I don't think he means any malice or disrespect in what he says. The more I have watched him on this forum, and especially hearing him on the live chats, the more I get what he is saying and where he comes from.

:+1: It is amazing when people are recommending hubs on other forums that Hubitat gets a "I never heard of that one" reaction more than I think it should. I have been speaking about Hubitat for years now on various forums, and people are oblivious to its existence. To quote a Youtuber, "Home Assistant, Home Assistant, Home Assistant" is the mantra on many sites from Reddit to Youtube, and even here to some extent. The last couple months has added Homey to the chant.

I am not sure what it takes to break through, or if Hubitat even has the crew to handle an influx of users. It is an interesting quandary, when does too many users become a bad thing?


Same here, I don’t get why it isn’t more popular on the smart home channels. Hubitat is easily the best all round home automation system on the market IMO.


massive kudos for this, I think it was the right move. I haven’t upgraded my C8 yet as 2.3.x was released the day I went in vacation with the family.

But I’ll be having a play as soon as I get home. :sunglasses:

I definitely understand this - most companies don’t publish a public road map. Many companies do publish a high level road map for their customers. Perhaps this is something Hubitat could consider for verified hub owners?


I’m quite a visual person, so I do find this sort of thing helpful when I’m thinking about how automations will interact. I’ve definitely got myself in a logical pickle on many occasions because of unforeseen interactions.

It’s not a show stopper for me tho.

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Well, can't really have it both ways, right? Some guys come up with amazing and complex systems for home automation, and if they left the planet, there is no way anyone left behind could possibly figure it all out. On the other hand, you can't really get the nice automations you want without using RM or Room Lights, and other apps that aren't really intended for beginners.

And have it all be completely configurable by my wife... Right.


Stockholm syndrome is alive and well. :wink:


No way. Do you have any idea what happens when you talk about the future as a serious matter in public? There's no win there for anyone.