How hard is it to make something using h.e or raspberry pi to alert me when something is in stock?

I’ve been trying to get into this Iptv site for 2 years. Randomly every couple month they change that negative number to a positive number for like an hour. Any way to be notified when it does Shopping Cart - ETERNAL HOSTING

Seems like a LOT of work for something that you could easily do with or any number of other services that detect website changes for free and in about 5 minutes.

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I see, but they all cost like $5+ a month

Both of those have a free version that can run a couple of checks a day. You can certainly do it with an rpi and HE but it seems like a lot of work to me. You have to setup a cronjob on the pi that will use curl to download the webpage, write a script to run a regex against it, then use MakerAPI to send details over to HE... just seems like a lot.

Thank you. Free won’t work unfortunately as they only open for like 20 mins

Gotcha, then you'd either need to setup a cronjob on an rpi or build an app on HE to poll the website and search for the string you want and send a notification out. Not "hard" but I don't know your level of programming experience.

What the world would something like this possibly have to do with Hubitat?

How is anyone supposed to help you without having any clue what your level of programming is?

I was asking how hard it was because I pay a programmer to do stuff like this on fiver. I just wanted to see how involves this was. And connect h.e to send the notifications

The part of hitting the website using a pi would be pretty trivial, I would probably hit a rule using Hubitat api that would send a notification/ turn on a light/ make a announcement. Then it’s just a matter of having the code detect a change in the site and hit the Hubitat api url

Thank you

I'd just build it in HE directly, why involve an rpi? No need to make it extra complex. As a ballpark for you (since you said you're paying someone) if someone asked me to build this I'd charge $50 (hence why that $5/month doesn't sound so bad!)


Thank you, if I paid you to build this, how hard would it be for me to change the “parameters”.. it would be worth if I could change the site and “item” watched.

I buy and sell things for a living, I’d pay a couple hundred actually