How Good Is Women's Sport (Football)?

As a casual observer of Men's Football...Well... A casual observer of Football generally.... But an admirer of the sleeky skills of the EPL of in 90's, as well as the master's like Messi and others... Plus an admiration of the silky skills of athletes like Roger Federer....

Looking at the Matilda's (the Women's Aussie side) plus the Fifa Women's Final between Spain and England, I would say that, as someone who has not previous engaged with Women's Sport in a big way, it has arrived in my life,,,, As much as "Women's Sport" should not have to compete with "The Men", I would argue that, as a spectator, I'm hooked. Give me another Women's World Cup and I'm in... The silky skills of the Spanish versus the counter-punch of the English or Aussies would pale into insignificance compared to the NRL (or AFL I expect, well compared top the Knights beating the Rabbitohs.... Am I showing my colours too soon... :wink: )

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