How fast to update

I'm a long time user of Life360. I really want to move away from this and use the Hubitat mobile app for Presence. I've installed the app on my phone, Wifes phone and sons phone. Today was the big test. When I came home from lunch the mobile app said I was home after about 1 min of actually being home. The same thing happened with my wife. She was in the house before the Hub triggered she was home.'

Is the normal for the app? Do I have to increase my GeoFence area?

Location hasn't been reliable at all lately. I wonder if it's something to do with actual gps. I could suggest adding the wifi presence app for arrivals? Might make things more accurate for you?

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I would increase the geofence, what is your currently set to ?
also - have you looked at the community apps like combined presence, that way you can roll all the different ones into one device to make it seamless.

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In my experience, I wouldn't rely just on the Hubitat app for presence. I dropped Life360 and set my wife and I up just on the Hubitat app. A couple of weeks later she told me she was ready to rip out all of the smarts in the house and go back to a dumb house. The reliability of the Hubitat app is extremely disappointing in regard to geofencing. Fast forward to about three days ago, we are back to just using Life360 and it's fixed all of her frustrations. One day the Hubitat app will be great for presence. It's just a long way off yet. We still use the app for dashboards (works great for that).

@stevebott123. I installed the Presence Plus app last night. Took son to school this morning. His worked great on an old Note 3.

Looks like I now have about a block on the app. I increased. Not sure if this is enough.

Only way is to give it some testing time

As u can see I'm in the Geofence area but it's still saying I'm out.

I have an RM rule that does a forced refresh every 5 minutes (I think it is 5 miuntes, I would have to look again later) on Life360. Ever since doing that, and tweaking my geofence size, it has been PERFECT for over a year. 0 missed arrival/departures. Zero.

I do run fairly large geofence circles, but it works for me.


Care to share the Rule?

How big is you Geofence?

I can share it when I get home. it is simple though - every 5 minutes hit refresh on the life360 HE device.

My "home" geofence is ~2000 feet - which was on purpose as it covers my whole neighborhood. If I'm going for a walk, I'm still "home" by my definition. I haven't tried reducing it for that reason. That large of a geofence may not work for everyone.

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Maybe something like this?

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That should work.

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I have a similar rule to refresh Life360, but I have also added the front door sensor as a trigger...

@pietsnot I have a rule setup when someone unlocks the Garage door. Works good and I'm not sure why I'm really wasting my time on Presence. But if it's there I want it to work.. LOL

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hmm .. got me thinking that when my husband and I get home, we naturally open the overhead door to park in the garage. I could create a rule to refresh life 360 based on a door trigger as well. Thanks for that! @JasonJoel

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I have a rule that who ever unlocks the door to set as presense.