How fast is Hub Mesh?

How fast is a Hub Mesh and is it any settings to speed it up?
I have one Zigbee Tuya Human Presents Sensor which refuses to be connect directly to the C8
hub but has no problem with C7. All my rules are on C8. So, I brought this rebel to C8 via Hub Mesh.
Everything is working fine except for the 2+ sec delay introduced by Hub Mesh.
Here is a device log from C7:

And here is a device log from C8 for the same sensor:

Delay for the 2+ sec is introduced by Hum Mesh for each active/inactive event.

This sensor is used for Bathroom Lights control. 2sec delay is very noticeable and of course,
undesirable for the turning lights on. I thought Hub Mesh should be very fast because it is
LAN based but in fact it is not.

How I have few questions:

  1. Is this 2sec delay somewhat normal?
  2. Is it any way to speed up Hub Mesh?
    Am I missing something in a settings?

I don't want to move all Bathroom Lighting automations to the C7.
All rules must stay on C8.

I don't tend to experience any issues, though I'm not sure whether I have anything as time critical as this, most of my lighting sensors are able to be connected to the same hub where my rules are running.

Have you looked at other devices to see if they exhibit the same delay? Perhaps try setting up a virtual device that you share via hub mesh and manually operate it from one hub and check the logs like you have with your presence sensor.

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No, it is just a device selection.

Instantaneous. I experience no perceptible delays using sensors on one hub, and automations on another. And that goes both ways with sensors on hub 1 and automations on hub 2 AND with sensors on hub 2 and automations on hub 1.


First of all - I am sorry for the noise. My time stamps comparison is absolutely invalid.
These time stamps are from two different hubs. Timers/clocks on both hubs are not precisely
synchronous (close but not the same). Therefore comparing time stamps from different hubs
are absolutely wrong way to measure performance.


Thanks for the update. @BobbyD - can you close this thread?