How does the "all of these?" trigger event option for switches work?

How does the "all of these?" option actually work? Assume two switches (A and B), both currently on, and the trigger has both A and B selected, has the "all of these?" option selected, and "switch turns off".

I assume that if A is turned off (while B is on), the rule isn't triggered due to the "all of these?" option being on.

If I later turn off B while A is off at that time, does that cause the rule to trigger? Is there a maximum time between the two switches being turned off? What if A is turned back on before B is turned off?

When any trigger switch state changes, the state of all switches will be checked, and if they are all in the specified state (sounds like off for you), the rule will trigger.

There is no maximum time between events, nor does how many times any particular switch turns on or off before/if all do matter.


That's what I was hoping for, at least for the rule I'm working on.