How does Hubitat handle Z-Wave fan controllers that present themselves as dimmers?


I'm curious, and I haven't been able to confirm this one way or another, but how does Hubitat present Z-Wave fan controllers to the user? Are they still shown as dimmers, or is there special handling so they are shown as fan devices with a certain number of fixed speeds?

Anyways, I've currently had it up to here with getting Home Assistant set up in a way I find acceptable (it's only free if my time has no value), but my 8-year-old Vera Lite is on its last legs, so I'm looking for something new.

One thing that impressed me about Home Assistant, though, was that it was indeed smart enough to pick out my Leviton VRF01 fan controllers from all the other dimmers I have installed, and set them up as "Fan" device type with the proper 3 speeds available in the UI.

It should be easy enough to implement, but it seems like a super obscure issue. Simply put, check that, for instance, if manufacturer ID is "001d" (Leviton) and the model ID is either "0209" or "0334", then it's not a dimmer, it's a VRF01 3-speed fan controller. Present it to the user as such, and, behind the scenes, send level 1 if user requests low fan speed, 50 for medium and 99 for high. Done. Add the same checks for GE/Jasco stuff -- if manufacturer ID is "0063" and model ID is "3034", it's the old Jasco 12774 fan controller, if model ID is "3131", then it's the new 14287 model with Z-wavePlus. While we're at it, manufacturer ID "000c" and model ID "0001" is the Homeseer fan controller.

Oh, and once we know the model ID of the Leviton ZW4SF, that's a 4 speed controller. Act accordingly.

If Hubitat already does this, please delete this post. However, the ONE crumb of evidence I found on the forums was someone writing that the slider is too fiddly to control the speed of their ceiling fan and they wanted one button to cycle through the available speeds. That's pointing to fan controllers still being presented as dimmers. Booo.

Yes, there's no real way to do this programmatically, you just have to add special handling for certain manufacturer/model ID combinations. And if you have to ask, I'm not any sort of Z-Wave whisperer, all my information comes from OpenZWave's list of all the known devices in the world: manufacturer_specific.xml. Find a copy in their Github, since I can't post links.

Again, I hope this post is absolutely redundant, and the mods will delete it. If they do, I can order myself a Hubitat once they come back in stock with the confidence it will not mistreat my fan controllers. :slight_smile: If this hasn't been done, though... it's just "a small matter of programming", but it's a quality of life issue for some, and makes some others' OCD itch.


P.S. - if you do find yourself engrossed in manufacturer_specific.xml, notice that Honeywell (!!!) makes/made a Z-wave fan controller as well.

It is primarily handled by the driver for the particular device. So however the person that wrote the driver wants to handle it. In addition it depends on how you are interacting with the device.

For example: I have a ceiling fan in my hobby room/office above me. If I select the Fan control for it when adding a tile to a dashboard, it says the speed (Medium in this case). If I select the tile, it presents a list of speeds to select from.
If I select the Dimmer control for it, it represents it as % value (66% in Medium's case).

This mention intrigued me since I'm looking for a fan control that can set the speed at about 75% (the GE/Honeywell does 25%/50%/full only). Is it correct to assume that the Leviton ZW4SF is a new product not yet available? I couldn't find it for sale anywhere, even on Leviton's site. Although I did find the product sheet dated June 2020 leading me to believe it is new.

As for your question, I'm sorry I don't have anything to add to what snell said .. that's all up to the driver. Which one are you using?


Neat!! If I understand you correctly, I can apply either a dimmer or a fan driver to any Z-Wave dimmer and it will show a slider or 4 buttons (off, low, medium, high) that send certain numeric levels.

Theoretically, if I wanted to be silly, I could apply the Fan driver to a real dimmer, and have a dimmer with 3 presets. Which is actually not a bad thing sometimes.......

Would you happen to have a screenshot of the UI with a fan control in it? I looked all over Google Images, and couldn't find anything -- seems like people don't have ceiling fans or something. :slight_smile:

HAL9000: That's odd... I was looking for another Vizia RF+ VRF01, and they've been long-discontinued in favor of the "Decora Smart" line.

(And, to me, Decora Smart's "stuck in the middle" paddle switches look weird, and unsafe. See below)

It only makes sense that, if the Vizia RF+ fan controller is discontinued, then there should be a Decora Plus fan controller available. The supporting documents have been released on 6/29, so it seems like it's super new.

I'm sure you've found these, but this is a couple of links I came across:
ZW4SF: 4 Speed Z-Wave Fan Controller – Leviton Decora Smart Support for the manual download.

(Check out this Technology Connections video about switches: If you somehow got a "regular" switch to stick in the middle, I would think it'd spark like there's no tomorrow)

Here is a screenshot from my dashboard with the dimmer and fan control. But you would not be able to use the fan control with a normal dimmer I bet because it calls for the fan speed function, not the normal dimmer one. You will just get a ? symbol in the icon because it does not know how to control it (I tried it just before editing this post, but after I had already gotten the initial screenshot, sorry).

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