How does Hubitat generate revenue?

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I am new to hubitat and I am really thrilled. But I was wondering: How does this company generate revenue? The box is not an expensive one. Home Assistant for example has the Nabu Casa Cloud to generate revenue. Hope, Alexa etc. will be integrated also in the future without a payment subscription?

I know the subscription services for backup etc. Do not know the prices yet. But it this enough?

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We don't require a subscription to integrate cloud services, which includes, among others, Alexa, Google Home and remote access of your devices via built-in dashboard or Hubitat mobile app. We offer two optional services, an extended warranty called Hub Protect and Remote Admin to access your administrative user interface. For more details on Hubitat solutions, please check out this thread:


Local back up is free. Cloud backup is part of the Hub Protect subscription (which is really an extended warranty) and backs up your z-wave radio.


They are a lean operation of dedicated founders. The entry price is right for new users and that total market is barely tapped.

When I switched from ST, I so thoroughly enjoyed this product I immediately thought, "please stay in business". This product checked my number one priority of being locally run without spying on me.

I've seen nothing but positive growth over the last 5-years or so.

I rest easy knowing this product will run my house with or without the company making money,


Ok great, thank you!

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If you feel guilty I'm sure they will accept donations. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


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