How do you learn to navigate the community?

As a fairly new user to this forum, I must confess to being very much at a loss. I posted a problem I was having about a WebCORE piston and received a couple of replies. I would like to respond to these, but I can no longer find them. I am not technologically challenged, having spent 30 years as a professional computer programmer, but those were the pre-internet days and my work consisted of programming large IBM mainframes. At any rate, I would like to know how to revisit my posts, and, when I respond to a reply, how to insert a photo. I have been asked to provide screenshots, but cannot figure out how to insert them into the text. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

If you click on your proflie (upper right corner), then click on the little person icon, and finally select Activity you should see a list of all of your posts. As far as posting images, it generally becomes available after a few posts (about the middle of the reply box menu.)


If you are so inclined and have the time this forum has a built-in tutorial. It is rather simplistic but you might get a thing or two out of it.

Try typing...... @discobot start tutorial


were do you type this start tutorial request - in the search box??

Create a new direct message and tag it to @ discobot.


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