How Do you Know in your Logs, What App

How Do you Know in your Logs, What App is firing, or activating your commands. Example: app:307, or what the dev:92 means. I have an action at 7:30, that turns everything off, but I cannot find what is doing it now, as I turned that app off.

When you say turned the app off, what exactly do you mean....? I would expect, if you still have the app installed you can access it? Something that I only found out relatively recently is that if you click on the info / debug / error text the page for the app / device will open up. Does that give you what you need?

Sorry, when I say turned off, I mean I changed the time from 7:30 to Sunrise +30, which now would be about 8:41am. I have also paused the app, but it still shuts things down at 7:30. Also, thank you, by clicking the app:307, ,it shows what app was firing, but fins it is weird that WemoConnect was firing at 7:30.

Well, one problem solved... :slight_smile:

You might need to provide a few screenshots of the app. Potentially the scheduling of actions don't honour the pausing of the app....? I'm not familiar enough with how this works to comment with any confidence...

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