How do you factory reset Iris V3 Contact Sensors?

I had a hub go off the rails and I'm switching to my back up. I've already restored the database from the crazy hub to the backup. When getting my zigbee devices back operational it seems I have to factory reset each zigbee device before the discover of the previous device occurs.

Iris V3 Contact Sensors from what I can find is supposed to automatically do this rejoin after reinstalling the battery. However I'm only getting a red blinking light from the device no blue or green. Anyone know the trick to factory resetting these?

According to a manual I could find

Factory Reset Instructions

Step 1: Press the small reset lever/button located above the battery 5 times. The contact sensor will begin blinking blue when the factory reset is successful and will enter pairing mode.

I have a few v3 devices, but not this one, so I can't verify...sounds a bit different from the v2 devices and the one v3, I have, but I assume it's correct.

If it is anything like the V2 sensor, there is a tiny button visible when you remove the battery cover. With the battery at the bottom, it is to the left of the contact at the top. You might need a magnifier to see it.

No success

On the v2 sensors, I think it's holding the "reset" button while you insert the battery. Can't hurt to try that on v3, too if you haven't. :smiley:

I have a bunch of V3 sensors and I'm pretty sure this is what works for mine.

Try pulling the battery for a few seconds and then immediately following the battery insertion hit the reset button 8 to 10 times in 1 second increments.

This is the solution for anyone who needs it in the future. Hold down the reset button when inserting the battery, after the red light release the reset button.

The problem is the placement of the reset button, they are terribly weak, I broke 3 of them off. So the easiest way is to separate the top part of the sensor from the device base and the reset button is easily exposed on the board.

Thanks for the tip. I have a dozen of these but haven't had to reset any yet.