How do we specify named IP addresses to access WiFi devices?

I have the IoTaWatt power monitor for over a year and it works great as a stand-alone device to monitor power consumption. There's a Hubitat driver for it but it requires that I specify a local IP address such as AFAIK, this isn't robust because WiFi devices use DHCP. When I access the device from my computer, I use the device name like so: iotawatt.local. What driver change would it take to permit using names like this?

Have you considered making a DHCP reservation in your router’s settings page? That would prevent the device’s IP address from changing.


Thank you marktheknife!

I wasn't aware of IP address reservation on routers. Goes to show how little I know. I looked up the feature for my router and was able to reserve the IP address for my device in a few clicks.


You should also do it for the hubitat itself


You don't have to and in some cases can confuse things. Asus routers can mess up internal DNS resolution and if you change DHCP settings like DNS settings being handed it will ensure consistency.


You are so right. My previous router (Tenda AC15) worked great. When I switched from ST to HE, Google Home kept telling me it couldn’t reach the HubiTAT with the emphasis on TAT. Really annoying. Found out IP reservation is not possible with the AC15 so I upgraded to an AC23, set the IP in the reservation table, and no more messages.
HE, unlike ST, prefers a static IP.

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