How do we "know" HE won't go the way of the Wink?

Nothing obvious, AFAIK.

But like pretty much every other product I buy (smart or dumb), I don’t really factor the company’s continued financial viability into my decision of whether or not I should purchase it.

Is that a mistake? I dunno, but I haven’t really been burned yet.

It seems like information that makes more sense to share with investors, not customers.

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I don’t know if this is accurate. My understanding is that all of the Hubitat cloud integrations rely on the Hubitat Cloud Endpoint Server. This would include things like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Ecobee, SharpTools, etc... All of these services rely on OAuth2 encrypted connections to the Hubitat hub, and those are all routed through the Hubitat Cloud server.


As everyone has said - hub will continue to function for as long as the hardware will last (might be a good idea to have a spare somewhere). Thanks to the flexibility of the platform you can also incorporate other tools for control/rules that interface with HE and are not reliant on commercial interests.. systems that will likely be around for a long time regardless.

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Absolutely. Except one has the choice of using the Alexa app instead of the Skill if push comes to shove (just for voice control). Your point stands for all other cloud integrations.


Yeah, I’m concerned because it looks like a lot of my HW is going to need replacing in the HE system (Schlage locks, for example, which it looks like have been a sore spot for HE users) or need additional HW to integrate (Lutron lights need a bridge). Not talking bank breaking sums here, but it’s not nothing either, and elsewhere on the internet people are asking ‘how silly of wink to rely on one time sales what did they think was going to happen?’; and here we are. I am encouraged by the other responses though, it sounds like even if the company doesn’t survive, most of the functionality would still be viable.

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Try the Schlage. Many people here use them successfully. Mine work fantastic in Hubitat, I think even better than Wink.

There have been a few with issues, but I don't think there ever was a conclusion of why some work great, and some do not work well.


Theoretically, using Maker API someone could rebuild most of their cloud infrastructure on their own, perhaps needing just an raspberry pi. Pretty much you just need something that lets you make the "local" endpoints accessible over the cloud, which an rpi and an Azure/AWS account could do. Not saying it'd be easy, but unlike with something like Wink where you're trying to reverse engineer which is a nightmare (trust me, me and a group of people are trying to reverse engineer Petnet smartfeeders after they went under... not easy), not supported, semi-illegal in some countries, etc., we'd just need to forward some requests, setup an Alexa skill. It's all doable.

That being said, if they went out of business, my gut says it's because something better came along and killed off their business and so I'd probably just purchase that :slight_smile:

Oh and hosting a community? Facebook, Reddit, Slack, etc. Plenty of ways to setup your own community these days!


You are correct. It’s been a long day.

The hub will talk directly to the services but if they need to talk back they use the cloud gateway. But it depends on the app too.

The nice thing though is if that was ever cut off you could actually code around it and get things to work without their cloud.

This actually gave me an idea for my next project. Hmmmmmmmmm


The HW you are going to have to purchase (the Lutron SmartBridge PRO - The Schlage locks will probably work fine, as aaiyar mentioned) is HW that you will need to acquire regardless of the system you end up migrating to... None of the remaining ecosystems have a Lutron Caseta radio.... You buy the bridge or you replace the Lutron devices.

Buy the Lutron SmartBridge Pro.... The Lutron devices are worth keeping...


I suspect the biggest loss over the first 6 months would be the community, because while there are almost infinite places to build one, the most prolific and knowledgeable people would almost certainly end up scattered to 2-3 different places and so a lot of synergy would be lost.

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Unlikely.. even if we only got a week's notice, we'd be telling each other where a meeting place could grow. :smiley: No one's gonna shut us up that easily :smiley:



what firmware version are you on!

smartly runs mostly local on the hub with no outside equipment needed once applied. Fonts and icons are hosted externally for now, but the team is working on some future devs that will allow it to run 100% local on the hub


You're part of a thread where they did just that:

Will it run local to the hub? I thought the plan was I'd need somewhere (pc, rpi) to run the docker image?

I know there was talk about running it in on the hub. Now that I think of it, it may have been too large (espeacially as we add icon fonts), so you may be right.

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Really i think the HE guys need to address this. There is just took much time dedicated to this topic. Do I worry about it - no. Do I read through these threads - yes. So I guess my first statement is a lie, but I don’t dwell on it.

I know HE is a private company and I don’t expect them to lay out their business plan, but they could definitely make a couple statements that would settle this down a little bit.

They have a new CEO that isn’t free. They are planning something. The biggest upset would be if they were shopping themselves around to be acquired.

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I might be considered an antagonist here, but you can't "know" anything about the future state of HE. The owners certainly can't. They are making plans, but those plans can be thwarted at any time.

When you buy a product, it's for it's current state only (unless specifically stated otherwise). While the owners may be obliged to repair any perceived defects, there aren't obliged to 1) disclose business models, 2) future plans or 3) modify and/or update their product.

I don't see much of a difference between HE and the local donut shop (I finally broke down and bought a few donuts after months of being good :slight_smile: No proprietor can "know" what the future brings. I don't think the owners of the donut shop considered how close to shutting down they were till this unpredictable "pandemic" occurred. They do their best and we spend our money on the fruits of their labors. When that ends, we spend our money on the next proprietor's fruits. We both enjoyed Wink until it wasn't a good idea.


Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

I'll re-post what I wrote two years ago, because we're still having essentially the same conversation in this thread and several others since Wink announced they were moving to subscription-only.


I haven't registered because I don't see what that provides that I would want. Why would I register it? There's a good chance I'm going to isolate it from the WAN completely. For now it's nice to be able to import user apps and drivers directly, but copy and paste is not too terrible. If the apps I've gotten from the great developers here settle out and don't need updating, I'll probably isolate it.

I'm on firmware v2.2.0.128. That is the latest update available, I think. For now, updates can happen directly because I haven't cut its connection.