How do we create HTML tiles for Ezy Dashboard?

I maintain the Weather Underground Driver, and I'm wondering how to support EZ Dashboard as the HTML tiles I've made with others no longer work?


Easy Dashboard is an addition, not a replacement. We're still figuring how far the customization is going to go. But original dashboard isn't going away.

I'm adding support for the built-in OpenWeather driver. Can you send me a link to the Weather Underground Driver, perhaps I can put together a list of common attributes that a weather tile will support. It's likely not going to be as feature rich.


Sure thing:

The Tiles labelled "Weather Underground" are from the driver:

Hmm, personally, I'd rather just have one system in the long run.

I just wish we could drag and drop the tiles on the old dashboard....


I agree, that and resizing of tiles. I donโ€™t think that is too much to ask for.

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you can resize the org. them now ..

you can ... look here ..

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I had read that Smartly no longer works. Are you using it?

Oh .. IDK ,, Sorry .. I was using it for awhile .. then stopped using it.
mostly because I got used to doing it the reg way lol
and because I have the dashboard the way i want it / like them :confused:
guess you could try it and see ? let us know :slight_smile:

I am. Works for me, always has. But I really donโ€™t use dashboards because things are automated.

My comment was more a statement on having drag and drop and re-sizing as native capabilities. I think most people would be better off if they had added those capabilities to the original dashboards instead of creating a whole new product.


I think they needed to move to a new UI platform to do it properly, and IME, thatโ€™s a ground up rebuild.

I just hope Hubitat team continue to iterate and bring across the features that we actually liked from the original system. Along with the ability to build our own tiles with multiple custom attributes that we pick and arrange (in not talking about supporting HTML tiles, but that would be nice too).


I agree with dJOS.

Without any insider info, I am speculating this is exactly what they are doing.

  • Introduce a new EZ Dash that will be the underlying platform for any future changes. Keep it fairly simple (like the name implies) and don't load it up with every desired change from people's wish list. It gives beginners an easy way to start out.

  • In the future we get "Advanced Dash" that is more feature rich, and can do all the stuff people like you are asking for. Higher limits for how many tiles. HTML support. Video streaming support. More color and icon choices. And so on.

I am speculating a bit here, but there is probably a reason they are not just adding drag-n-drop to the old dashboards. Maybe the code is someone else's work that they don't have permission to alter but can use as-is. Maybe they don't like the code that is there or it is inefficient/buggy. Maybe they just want to move forward and start fresh with a new set of eyes on things. Either way, I don't see them just adding drag-n-drop to the old dashboards.